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Accrediting Nuclear Medicine Technology Programs Since 1969

The Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology (JRCNMT) is the only programmatic accrediting agency recognized to accredit nuclear medicine technologist educational programs offered through traditional and distance education formats in the United States and its territories.  The JRCNMT holds recognition from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

The JRCNMT, with input from communities of interest, defines the standards for nuclear medicine technologist educational programs. The agency then uses those standards to conduct peer-review evaluations of programs seeking accreditation to ensure compliance with the standards. Programs that meet or exceed the standards are granted an accreditation status by the JRCNMT, providing public recognition and a basic assurance of the scope and quality of the professional program.

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Slides from the JRCNMT Update and Accreditation Workshop presented at the 2015 SNMMI meeting in Baltimore have been uploaded to the website in the Program Resources area.  Look for the Recent Presentations link.

Affiliate Checklists


Now that self-studies and affiliate applications must be submitted in a digital format, it is no longer necessary to submit affiliate checklists with new affiliate applications. (updated 5/18/15)

Accredited Programs

The JRCNMT accredits postsecondary nuclear medicine technology programs offering certificate, associate and baccalaureate degrees.  Programs must be located in the United States, its protectorates and possessions and may be offered in a traditional or distance education format.

Not all states have educational institutions offering nuclear medicine technology programs.  In some states programs may be offered that are not accredited by the JRCNMT.

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